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Destiny (1998)

1. Destiny


The times are changing so fast I wonder how long it lasts The clock is ticking time is running out The hatred fills this Earth And for what is worth We're in the end before we know

Throughout the years I have struggled to find the answer that I never knew It strucked me like a million lightnings And here I am telling to you

Every second of day it is coming your way Future unknown is here to stay Got to open your mind of you will be led to astray There's a time to live There`s a time to die But no one can`t escape the Destiny

Look all these things we`ve done Under the burning Sun Is this the way to carry on? So take a look at yourself And tell me what do you see A wolf in clothes of the Lamb?

Throughout the ....

Every second ...

Let your spirit free Through Window of your Mind Unchain your Soul from hate All you need is Faith

I control my Life I am the One You control your Life But don't forget Your Destiny....

It's time to say goodbye I know it will make you cry You make your Destiny I know you'll find the way And outside Sun is bright The things will be alright I will be back one day to you So please Wait For ME

2. SOS


I'm waiting for the rain now To settle the dusty air Clearing up my emotions Facing it all if I dare

I've been thinking I've been trying But I've always been denying Wasted days are still inside of me It's time to set them free

Why don't we see what is going on? There are not so many years to be wasted Until the damage is done and the beauty is gone Save Our Souls What is the price that we pay? Save Our Souls Do we have nothing to say?

3. No Turning Back


So long I have been accepting what I've seen Never really speaking my mind Now the heat's leaking out I'd like to scream and shout I want to leave it all behind

There's no one else to turn the wheel I've got my own life to steer

No turning back Coz I wanna know who I am and I want to live my life No turning back Tomorrow's awaiting, I'm on the way

Hard to find the right words And not to make it worse A choice that has to be done It is just my life Can't make no compromise And to stop what has begun

There's no one else...

I have all the strings in my hands The choices that's been laid for me I am not taking more commands Coz now finally I'm free

4. 4000 Rainy Nights


These empty days are filling me with pain After I left it seems my life is only rain My heart is longing to the better times When everything was still so fine

I wonder why it happens so fast You give your heart away knowing it might not last I'm still here waiting for the rain to fall And to see you once again

4000 Rainy Nights 4000 Nights I'd be with you 4000 Rainy Nights with you

I keep your memory in my heart You give me hope when everything is so dark That thing nobody can take away Forever in me

4000 Rainy...

5. Rebel


You found the truth again I showed the way The Path of Wisdom is the only way to reality You learned to live Your life The hard way Your tears put out the fire from your soul

Lost behind the lies I can hear your cries Now is the time to rise again so strong

Learn from your past But better make it fast The time is running out for you to change your life

You must learn to live There's so much to give Set Fire to your soul again and be... The Rebel Hold your head up proud

6. Years Go By


Look around do you see So many things have changed And you should know by now I never meant to hurt you at all All my life I have been an outcast But now I've been reborn And I see things so clear

Open your eyes and realize Hard times are over if you want Open your mind Reach for the stars Answer is there for us to find

Years go by Never know when it's too late Years go by Yourself you seal your fate Don't look the answer from horizon It's closer than you think Years go by, oh how they go by

7. Playing With Fire

[Tolkki - Kotipelto]

Hunger grows stronger I feel it day by day I need I desire her passion now I see that look the shine in her eyes Can't let her go she's so divine There's no one who could stop me now She'll be mine

She's teasing I'm unfreezing wanting more and more I'm dreaming just like streaming through the door I see that look ...

Playing With Fire Hiding inside the flames Playing With Fire It's a dangerous game

8. Venus In The Morning


It's 4 in the morning I'm gazing the sky with Millions of stars A moment before the Dawn The endless Universe fills me all Where are you now? Alone just like me and Venus in the Morning?

I touch your face that's filled with pain I kiss away the tears from your eyes I've waited YOU for 8000 days Now I've come here to set you free

But where are you now... Forget the future don't live the past Live for today because life goes too fast Go find the Key to your Divine Mind Open the Door so many answers you'll find

Like Venus in the Morning

9. Anthem Of The World


The setting sun creates another world The shadows fall another day is in the end The Paradise is sleeping peacefully And one more day is again history

Tell me can we go on like this? Everybody is living in a bliss Are these the last times of our Mother Earth? Or is it just beginning of new Birth?

Don't be afraid we must be wise Patient and peaceful and strong Maybe it's like you would throw the dice Then hope that nothing goes wrong Remember that you have the right to say All things that you feel inside Open your mind and you open your eyes Together now is the time

Sing the Anthem Of The World But will we ever learn To control our hate and to forgive We must learn to find the way To just live another day And be free like an Eagle in the sky

How about if God just let us down? If he just is polishing his crown? What's the key to the Universe? Is life down here just one big endless curse?

Don't be afraid...

Sing the Anthem Of The World....

10. Cold Winter Nights



Summer's gone a while ago The daylight dims away I'm watching here how the snow begins to fall Yesterday's like a dream A memory in my head Like the life's gone behind the winter wall

I'm lighting up the candles and lock the door Sitting by the fire It's time to dream some more

I have to find a way how to survive I am surrounded by the starlight I have to find the path and to escape from the Cold Winter Nights

And in the morning there's no trace of the sun Just gray fog hanging above my head All the birds are quiet hiding in the woods Can't see no movement are they all dead?

11. Dream With Me

[another japanese bonus]

Now it is thome for you to close your eyes They've seen much pain it's slowly filling your mind Pretty as they are but now so pale You better leave all your worries far behind

Not long ago when you had the Fire Burning inside of you brighter than any flame You were the one that I believed in Keeping our hopes up high where are you now? Where do you aim?

Let mr take you there To the place you know Why don't you Dream With Me The answers will be found

No it is time to open your eyes again See how the sorrows have disappeared faded away I am right here waiting for your pace Through the day

Let me take...

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